European Road Administrations have agreed since 2006 to progressively share their road research priorities and open up their research budgets. Among other achievements, they have been able to organise successful transnational call for projects and programme calls, which delivered outstanding research projects that effectively target road administrations’ needs. These calls and these projects are fully described in this website (see left hand column).

Two European Framework Projects were instrumental in supporting this effort:
– ERA-NET ROAD ran from 2006 to 2009 under FP6
– ERA-NET ROAD II ran from 2009 to 2011 under FP7
More information on these projects, their partners and their deliverables can be found in this website (see left hand column).

In 2010, the Conference of European Directors of Roads agreed to continue the transnational effort and has given a specific mandate to its group on research. This is proof of the continuing added value of transnational research to road administrations as well as of the long-lasting benefits of the two European Framework Projects.

Updating of the ERA-NET Road website has ended. All the relevant information on CEDR’s Transnational Researach Calls can be found at CEDR’s homepage